Perla the Pink Penguin

A Book Series by A. R. Burns

Perla is a pink penguin who does not look like anyone in her family. She soon learns that the world is full of others who are also different and amazing in their own way. With the help of her new friends, she learns that you don't have to change yourself to find friends who love and accept you.

Book 1

Perla the Pink Penguin

No one in my family looks like me. They are all black and white but I am pink.” – Perla

Perla is a pink penguin who feels sad because she gets made fun of for being different but with the help of a few friends she soon learns that it is okay to be herself.

Book 2

Perla's Guide to Life in Antarctica

"Never go swimming while Mr. Whale is looking for food. His mouth is pretty big and he might just swallow you.” – Perla

In this book, Perla provides a must have, fun guide on how to survive! It's the ultimate list of what to do, what not to do, and what you can expect to see during a trip to Antarctica.

Book 3

Perla & Friends: Kind Words to Nurture the Beauty Within

“I am amazing just the way I am. I can be happy with or without friends. I am different but it’s okay. I love and accept myself anyway.” - Perla

Perla and her friends know how hard being different can be. So they wanted to offer some kind words and affirmations that you can use to encourage yourself and build your self esteem.

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